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Marie Kim sexy wallpapers

Marie Kim sexy wallpapers and pictures gallery. The hot asian origin model Marie Kim posing for Import tuner magazine wallpaper and photos. ...... Beauty has taken another form with a fresh new face in the modeling industry. Coming all the way from the Czech Republic is Marie Kim. She first moved to New York about five years ago and has been modeling since. Marie is the perfect blend of Vietnamese from her mother’s side and Polish, Czech, and German from her father’s side and is a tall 5′10″ babe. She’s not only a pretty face, but has graduated from the New York Institute of Technology for Architecture. She enjoys the simple things in life such as the KFC/Taco Bell duo restaurants that America has to offer, as well as modeling at car shows and being one of the PM Girls. By the way, her real last name is Kim-Anh from her Vietnamese side and decided to combine it with her first name to make a bit easier. ......

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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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